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The tragic events of the last days are the most difficult crisis in the history of independent Kazakhstan. Thousands of affected throughout the country, civilian casualties. People have to stay at home. Business incurs losses due to looting and pogroms. Children were killed.

In this difficult period, the Kazakh Red Crescent provides assistance where it is needed most:
- We are actively working to mobilize voluntary blood donors.
- We provide emergency kits for lonely elderly and people, especially those in need of help.
- We provide hot meals for people who have to stay outside in cold winters.
- We help relatives to contact and get information about their loved ones.
- We also plan to transfer dressing materials, syringes and other supplies to hospitals and sanitary units, where the wounded were delivered.

Please support our appeal, to help deliver vital aid to people who have suffered so much during the last days.

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Your donation will help thousands of people in need across the country. Together with you, we take care of the elderly, support low-income large families,and help single mothers and their children who are forced to survive in difficult conditions.
We are welcoming any help; however, a subscription to the regular donations will allow us to plan our work in a better way and will let our wards lookinto the future with more confidence.
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