On the 4th of August, Beirut was hit by a huge explosion that left more than 160 dead, 6000+ injured, countless still missing and at least 300,000 persons homeless and in desperate need for aid. Deloitte member firms, partners and employees across the world have asked about ways they can support the relief efforts in Lebanon and assist the people affected by this tragedy. Deloitte is honored to support the Lebanese Red Cross which was one of the first responders, providing emergency care and transportation, evacuating damaged hospitals, providing blood units for the wounded and which is now focusing on basic assistance and preparing to help at least 10,000 families return to normality. In parallel, the Lebanese Red Cross is playing a frontline role in responding to the ongoing COVID19 crisis which has been exacerbated by this disaster.

Deloitte personnel and member firms are welcome to share their contributions via the below link to the Red Cross website. The Deloitte team in the Middle East and the people of Lebanon thank you for your valuable contributions.

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