There are at least 20,000 people in need of at-home care with only 5% currently supported. You can multiply the impact.

According to recent studies in the region, most older people are concerned not about their financial situation (that is also often not promising) but rather about feelings of loneliness and fear of abandonment.

GRCS through its Home Care program and 27 Social Day Centers across the country provides social and medical care for the most vulnerable members of our communities unable to take care of themselves. Whether they live alone, or cannot get constant care, the GRCS provides them with the most necessary care to make their lives healthier and happier, and less lonely.

You can fill the gap!

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  • the passing of family members or a spouse can lead to a profound feeling of loneliness & grief that is hard to bounce back from

  • physical health problems are another factor hindering older people’s participation in social activities leading to isolation.

  • older people tend to experience reduced social interactions due to factors such as retirement and limited mobility.

How we help

- Treatment of wounds
- Injections
- Catheter Care
- Rehabilitation & prevention
- Full/partial baths
- Cleaning the living space
- Food supply & other necessities

What you can do
- Improve the physical and mental well-being of older people and increase their ability to take care of themselves.
- Reduce their loneliness and isolation.
- Prevent overburdening of mainly females forced to take care of their family members.

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